Blaxland High School

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Bell times

The school calendar is divided into week A and week B as the school runs a 10 day timetable cycle.

School begins at 9:05am on Monday to Friday. We recommend that students arrive at school at least 10 minutes before the bell. School finishes at 3:20pm every day, except Wednesdays where students leave at 2:20pm.

Each day is divided into 5 periods and some seniors classes can be timetabled to include Period 0 and Period 6.

The day is organised in a 1-2-2 pattern. Period 1 is followed by recess. Periods 2 and 3 are followed by lunch then periods 4 and 5. Wednesday follows a 1-1-2 then home pattern due to sport for Year 9 and Year 11.

Year assemblies are held on Monday during Week 4 and Week 8.

Before School

Once arriving at school, students must stay on the school grounds. No junior student is to be on the school grounds before 8:45am. 

Bell times

Please note that due to students leaving early on Wednesday, period 4 and period 5 are period 3 and period 4.