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Emergency response procedures

At Blaxland High School, we take emergency response procedures seriously and have a range of systems in place to protect students and teachers at all time.

Emergency evacuation bells

One long bell indicates you should evacuate to the oval at the side of the school. An announcement will be broadcast throughout the school's PA system.  


In the event of an evacuation, there is one long bell. Students are directed to:

  • remain calm

  • stop your activity and listen carefully to teachers' instructions

  • take only personal belongings

  • walk quickly via the nearest safe exit to the school oval

  • report to your roll call teacher—same formation as school assembly.


In the event of a lockdown, a siren and public address announcment will direct students to:

  • remain calm

  • stay in your classroom or if outdoors, move to the sports centre or closest downstairs classrooms

  • doors and windows are to be closed

  • follow teachers instructions

  • do not leave your room or area until the all clear is given

  • 3 short bells indicate end of lockdown and all students to report to the upper screech for assembly.

Bushfire emergency

The Department of Education has determined Blaxland High School as being in a bushfire prone area. In the case of a bushfire threatening the school, the state emergency services (SES) will notify the school. In the case of evacuation, the school population will be walked to Glenbrook oval via the highway.