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Medical matters

Blaxland High School takes medical situations seriously. 

Medical information

Any medical condition must be reported to the head teacher student services. A health care plan will be completed in consultation with parents and information distributed to appropriate staff.


Any student requiring medication to be taken during the day, must complete the appropriate form and have the medication secured in the first aid office.

If this is an ongoing situation, an appointment must be made with the head teacher student services to develop a health care plan. This will ensure that staff can administer medication in a safe and professional manner as per Department of Education guidelines.

First aid

Students requiring first aid should be given a pass and sent to the sick bay which is located in the rolls office. Parents will be contacted if necessary.

Sick bay

If you are too sick to continue to work at school, you must ask your teacher for a note and go to sick bay located in the rolls office. Parents will be contacted and asked to pick you up and take you home. Any injury occurring during the day will receive first aid. Note: paracetamol will not be given to students.