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Bring your own device - BYOD

What is BYOD?

BYOD refers to the idea that students can bring a personally owned device to school for the purposes of improving their learning. Senior students will be allowed to bring their own devices to school to facilitate learning. Blaxland High School recognises the need to prepare students for a rapidly changing world, where technology plays an increasing role in students' everyday lives.

What devices are permitted?

Students can only bring devices with the following specifications:

Wireless connectivity devices must support 5Ghz dual band, 802.11n. Android devices must be able to connect on all channels in the 5Ghz range.
Battery life devices must last at least five hours without charge. Students cannot charge devices at school.
Protective case a carry case or protective cover is essential in protecting your device.
Screen size minimum seven inches diagonally.
Software and applications

devices must have software that allows for:

  • Internet browsing
  • note taking
  • word processing
  • creating spread sheets
  • creating presentations
  • anti-virus protection which is regularly updated.

Students must:

  • be a student in year 11 or 12 at Blaxland High School
  • carefully read and sign the BYOD student agreement, have it signed by parent/caregiver and submit to the school
  • have signed agreement confirmed by the school.

The BYOD student agreement can be downloaded for printing here.