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Sporting Code of Conduct


The purpose of school sport is to achieve one’s personal best. At Blaxland High School we value highly the ideals of sportsmanship, determination, school spirit, team play, fairness and respect. School sport is worth the effort and energy if we keep this in mind. Successful teams know how to win with humility and dignity and lose with grace and sportsmanship.

Participant's code of conduct

As a representative of Blaxland High School –

•     listen to my coach’s instructions and  play,  above  all,  as a team  member rather than  as an individual;
•     keep my comments positive towards my opponents and the referee/umpire;
•     cooperate with my coach, team mates, referee/umpire and opponents.  Without them, I do not have a competition;
•     compete within the rules;
•     encourage fellow team members by making positive comments;
•     control my temper at all times and in all circumstances.

•     respond to provocation or poor behaviour by my opponents;
•     show unsportsmanlike conduct such as swearing, fighting or cheating;
•     challenge the referee or umpire, even if I believe a mistake has occurred.

Spectator's code of conduct

The school welcomes the support of spectators who:
•     act as role models of good sportsmanship;
•     demonstrate appropriate social behaviour with positive comments to and about members of both teams;
•     are courteous to players, coaches and officials;
•     encourage and support honest effort and team play with generous applause;
•     respect all team players and the decisions made by coaches and umpires/referees;
•     support School Sport Australia’s policy and the school’s policy of a smoke and alcohol free environment;
•     recognise the effort made by volunteer coaches and officials.

Sport Coordinator - Nathan Gardiner