Blaxland High School

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Safe respectful learners

Being a safe, respectful learner is an important part of the Blaxland community and encourages all students to be a safe, respectful learner at all times.
Our community expects all our students to:
  • make learning their top priority

  • act in a safe way

  • respect themselves and all other members of the school community

  • take care of the school environment

  • promote the good name of the school.

This is based on core expectations of:


  • act safely at all times

  • encourage others to act safely

  • think before doing

  • care for our school's property

  • take responsibility for your actions.


  • follow your teacher's instructions

  • respect each other and your school

  • listen to each other's opinions

  • be honest and courteous

  • learn to communicate appropriately

  • resolve conflicts peacefully.


  • come to school prepared for lessons

  • help other students to learn

  • always do your best

  • reflect the concept of excellence

  • join with us in celebrating your achievements.

We also expect that students will promote and protect the image of our school in our community by your behaviour on the bus, when you walk to and from school, when you are on excursions and when you are at sport.